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ASC was formed in 2002 and consists of six Environmental Groups:  Woburn Neighborhood Association,
Mystic River Watershed Association, Concerned Citizens Network, Friends of the Upper Mystic Lake,
 Medford Boat Club and Woburn Residents Environmental Network. We represent over 225,000 residents
that border the Aberjona River. 

In 2003 the EPA awarded a double Technical Assistance Grant ($100,000) and in 2014 the EPA awarded
an additional Technical Assistance Grant ($50,000)  to ASC on the Aberjona River combined study of the
Industri-Plex and Woburn G & H Wells sites.

ASC has hired Cambridge Environmental, Inc. to interpret EPA reports on the Aberjona River.  The primary
 goal of ASC is to ensure that the future assessment and remediation of two Woburn Superfund sites,
the Industri-Plex and Woburn G & H Wells sites, are completed by the responsible parties with effective
well-informed input from the affected residents, businesses, and community organizations so as to improve
the water quality of the Aberjona River and the Mystic River to fishable and swimable standards as established
 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection,
under the Clean Water Act

ASC Hires Cambridge Environmental
The process of a Technical Advisor selection included the development of a detailed Request for Proposal
and Scope of Work document.  Nine firms responded and submitted proposals for the group's evaluation. 
In August, ASC evaluated the firms following the EPA"s procurement guidelines.  ASC determined that
Cambridge Environmental, Inc. could best represent the public in the interpretation of EPA's highly technical
documentation.  It is expected that this consulting firm will disseminate and assimilate all study material and
translate it back to the communities.  It is also expected that Cambridge Environmental will repor their findings
at ASC public meetings, which will be posted.  ALl are welcomed to attend.  Should you  have any questions or
 would like to get involved, you can contact the Aberjona Study Coalition at 781-935-2438 or by email
at fitwalker1@aol.com

Medford Boat Club
Contact: Martin Fraser The Medford Boat Club is a family focused organization, formed for the expressed
purpose of promoting water sports on the Mystic Lakes. Originating in 1898 the MBC has had a long history of
facilitating and promoting boating and swimming on both the upper and lower Mystic Lakes as well as
community activities, including support and assistance of various environmental and community groups including
the Mystic River Watershed Association.The MBC was originally a canoeing club at the turn of the century and
evolved into sailing and later with the navigability of the Mystic River, power boats found a home on the lower
lake. The MBCregularly monitors the water quality of the upper and lower lakes with routine testing and is
committed to the continual improvement of the quality of the lake environment. Martin Fraser, the ASC contact
from the MBC is a Past Commodore of the club and past board member of the MyRWA. mail to
Woburn Residents' Environmental Network
Contact: Fel Medeiros
WREN provides opportunities for Woburn residents of all ages and backgrounds to appreciate and protect
Woburn's Conservation areas. We are dedicated to helping Woburn conserve and protect our environment and
natural resources. We will work with our neighbors and our City officials to promote environmental awareness,
support community conservation activities, and implement educational programs that develop a sense of
environmental stewardship.
Woburn Neighborhood Association, Inc.
Contact Michael Raymond
The Woburn Neighborhood Association, Inc. (WNA) is a group of committed residents who are making a
difference by taking an active role on environmental issues concerning health, safety and welfare and their
impact on communities. The WNA has been recognized for outstanding work to protect the residents of Woburn
from the dangers of landfill contamination and to increase regional efforts in solid waste issues by Toxics Action
Center of Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts House of Representatives. The WNA Mission is to
inspire, educate and prepare residents for action advocacy around environmental issues.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed it's the only thing that ever
 has." Margaret Mead

Mystic River Watershed Association
Contact Ek Khalsa
The Mystic River Watershed Association (MyRWA) works to restore and protect the natural resources of the most
urbanized watershed in Massachusetts. The watershed includes 21 communities, many of which are
disadvantaged environmental Justice communities. The Mystic River and its tributaries suffer from aging
sewer systems, toxic sites, stormwater runoff, flooding, and limited open space. MyRWA’s work includes:
  • Volunteer water quality monitoring 
  • Promoting open space and improved access to the river, in partnerships with local community groups
  • Improving our scientific understanding of the watershed’s problems, with the help of Tufts University 
  • Representing the watershed’s interests to government agencies.
Friends of the Upper Mystic Lake
Contact: Janice Dolan
The Friends of the Upper Mystic Lake is a citizen run neighborhood organization that was created in 1994 in
response to a deterioration in the water quality of the Upper Mystic Lake. The MDC had regularly maintained
the lake until the early 1980's. When funding for this maintenance ended the water quality in the lake
deteriorated, due largely to the overgrowth of aquatic vegetation that choked the shallow fore bays, making
them almost unnavigable. The Friends works collaboratively with the Winchester Boat Club, The MDC and
other environmental groups to restore, maintain,
and preserve the health and beauty of the Upper Mystic Lake.
Concerned Citizens Network of Wilmington
Contact: Kathleen Barry (978)658-7754
CCN is an organization formed to unite, support and encourage community activity involved in the environmental
protection of the Town of Wilmington and surrounding areas. It is our goal to promote and foster community and
 neighborhood involvement in securing a safe and healthy environment for all residents and their families by
way of education, research and community activism:
  • to allow for a collaborative exchange of ideas, experience and information
  • to advise, and assist others
  • to encourage change to assure a protected environment

'...without concerened citizens action we shall look in vain for progress in the larger world' - Eleanor Roosevelt

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